The Lie That Kills

What is a lie? A lie is a false statement. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a lie as an untrue statement with the intent to deceive or to create a false or misleading impression. However, I can say many of us are living a lie.

Deception seems like a strong word, doesn’t it? After all, no one wants to live a life where they are deceiving people. But that’s not where I want to go with this. Today, I want to talk about living a lie and not knowing it.

If you believe a lie, you live a lie.

In my previous blog, “Do You Truly Perceive?” we discussed seeing things through your spiritual glasses to be able to fight with the correct weapons. That was about seeing, and this is about believing.

I once had someone tell me, people, that smoke don’t truly believe it can cause cancer. Now think about that for a minute…You have ads about smoking causes cancer everywhere, they are even on the cigarette packages itself. So it is hard for me to wrap my mind around that thought. Even my youngest son can tell you smoking causes cancer and you can die from it. The lie, smoking doesn’t kill is killing people.

If you believe a lie, you live a lie.

There is only truth or lies. There is nothing in between. The danger lies where the lies form our beliefs. What we believe impacts how we walk with God, which in turn affects the success of our lives.

And because of their unbelief, he couldn’t do any miracles among them except to place his hands on a few sick people and heal them. – Mark 6:5

What is the miracle you need today? Satan is the father of lies, and he doesn’t want you to live in peace. So if he can have you believe God doesn’t heal…you will not receive your miracle. God is the source of all things. Everything we need is in Him. We need to stop believing we can obtain things on our own…IT’S A LIE and this lie is killing us.

The church is not living in the full power God has given them. We have been commissioned to preach the gospel, heal the sick and yes, cast out demons. If you don’t believe in demons, where did you get that from? Not from the Word of God.

The reason we are not performing the same miracles as Jesus is that we have believed the lie, God doesn’t do miracles anymore. Many of us don’t even realize we have accepted this lie and are living by it. This lie is also killing us. It is stripping us from the authority He has given to us.

No more will we stand dying slowly by the lies from satan. But we will stand on the truth of God. We will believe every word written in the Word of God to be the absolute truth.

There are so many lies that are killing us. I encourage you to seek God and ask Him to show you the lies in your life that are killing you so He can bring truth and healing in these places.

4 thoughts on “The Lie That Kills”

  1. Yes! If you believe a lie you live a lie. We may not realize just how dangerous lies are. But as mentioned believing a lie could cost us our lives. We must seek truth and ask God to reveal and tear down every lie we have believed.

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  2. For many years, I lied to myself about my alcoholism. My freedom started with admitting the truth. Then I connected with the power of Jesus and he set me free. I have 16 years sober now.


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