Ready or Not, Here I Come

Early this morning I experienced something I’ve never experienced before.

Let me tell you the story…I was sleeping in my bed and all of a sudden I heard a loud sound and lights were flashing. “What’s going on?” was my thoughts.

I came out of my room but couldn’t see anything. The light was flashing so brightly that it was blinding. The noise was piercing my ears as I went from room to room to get my kids out of bed.

The kids were also stunned by the light and frightened by the sound. “Is there a disaster?” I questioned myself. “What am I going to do with the kids, where are we going to go?” All these thoughts ran through my mind as I tried to remain calm.

As we walked down the hallway, the words between the signals became clearer and clearer, FIRE!

“Ok, I get it now, it’s a fire alarm!”

I worked to get the kids downstairs while my husband was in the kitchen getting ready for work… He greeted me with, “sorry babe, something on the stove burnt.”

At this point, I was relieved that it was not a real fire, but the sound and blinding lights continued. After a while, we figured out how to turn off the fire alarm.

Why am I telling you all of this drama?

Because I’ve learned a few things, but before I start I have a question for you:

Is the church ready for the second coming of Jesus?

The second coming of Jesus is soon whether we like it or not. This couldn’t have happened at the worst time of the day…when everyone was sleeping.

What if it was a real fire and the battery in the alarm was dead? No one would have known and we would have all slept while the house burnt down.

The job of the fire alarm is to alert you of danger. God has provided us with the Holy Spirit to do the same thing. He will teach us all we need to know. He will help to prepare us for the second coming of Jesus.

Many times I’ve heard about the church sleeping when they are to be awake. To be alert. To be on guard.

When Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane he asked his disciples to pray but they fell asleep.

Their slumber caused them to act out in their flesh. They were followers of Christ. They watched Jesus perform many healing, but yet when trouble came Peter chopped off one of the servant’s ear.

Peter forgot about the character of Jesus. Jesus was a healer, but Peter was ready to become a killer.

Had they stayed awake they would have been spiritually prepared for what was going to come.

Staying awake is crucial for the church.

My family wasn’t ready for this fire. It had come across our minds to do a fire drill with the family but we didn’t get to it.

A Christian that doesn’t read the bible and pray is a weak Christian.

You will not be prepared for the second coming of Jesus without these two things. We have to make them essential to our lives. No more putting it off. We didn’t have a plan, But God has given us His Word to help us to be prepared for His second coming.

When I look back at it now I think of it as a total nightmare. Everyone was panicking. My youngest son froze out of fear and was left upstairs while the rest of the family was downstairs getting ready to leave.

Who are you willing to leave behind when Jesus comes? Is there someone that you haven’t told about the gospel yet?

Sometimes we get so self-absorbed in being right with God that we don’t realize people that are in need. This can be a friend, a neighbor or even our very own children. They too need to hear the gospel so they can be saved.

As we were heading down the stairs I looked down at myself, I looked down at my kids….here we are dressed in t-shirts and underwear. Not something we could wear outside.

God has given the believer a full armour to wear. Armour was worn at time of battle. It was for protection, but I can imagine it also had some kind of label on it. A label recognizing the kingdom you that belonged to. I would imagine the label would be JESUS

The armour God has given the church is unique. One of the kind.

The church cannot take off this amour. We need to be ready for warfare at all times. With the armour, we can stand against the schemes of the enemy.

Jesus Is Coming

A few things I want to leave with you in all of this:

1) Jesus will come when you least expect Him. Like a thief in the night. We are to always be ready.

2) Know and understand the plans of God through His word.

3) Be charged with the Holy Spirit every day so you will remain alert and be able to discern the times we are in.

4) Don’t forget the little ones and the ones that are in need.

5) Keep on the armor of God. His name is Jesus. Never take Him off. We need Him to overcome the snares of the enemy.

Jesus’ second coming is soon. Let us be like the brides ready with their lamps lit waiting for our bridegroom.

As always, sharing is caring. Like this blog and share it with family and friends that they too can be awakened.

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42 thoughts on “Ready or Not, Here I Come”

  1. Wow what an event to wake up to!! That must have definitely been frightening!
    The way you related this event to the return of Jesus is amazing and truly touched me. I love when the Lord speaks through an event like this. 🤍🦋

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow wow wow! Firstly what a frightening experience but also what a revelation that you got through it. Your last posts were talking about hearing from God and I definitely think you heard from God in this situation! Thank you for sharing this revelation with us and I am so happy that it was not a real fire!

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  3. I like the real life example of how we can be unprepared even if we don’t realize! Just like we need family emergency plans, we need to always have a plan for Jesus.

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  4. Beautiful written and such an important topic to cover right now. I have had so many conversations around this topic of late. Thank you lovely for putting this together so beautifully!

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  5. Wow! What a situation to wake up to.
    I’m thankful it wasn’t a real fire and that the whole family is safe. Truly this is a period to be ready.

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  6. Thank you for this wonderful reminder, Elizabeth. The older I get the more I’m eagerly awaiting the return of Christ! You’re right that we must always be on guard, be ready, and be sharing the gospel with those around us before it is too late.


  7. It is so easy to go through life ignoring everything that is going on around us. But you are so right. Jesus is coming back and very soon. We need to work because the fields are still white with harvest and we need to be ready and watching. We cannot be asleep. This is such a good message. Thank you very much.

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  8. What a great application! It’s so true what you’ve said here. We can’t go through life never praying or spending time with the Lord and in his word and think we are ready for his return! Thank you for this reminder!

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  9. We had a scare with a fire earlier this week, and I too realized we were not prepared if it had been a real fire! I love that you used your experience as a reminder to be ready for Jesus! I especially liked when you mentioned your one child being left upstairs, and asked who we might be leaving behind. It really made it hit home for me!

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  10. Are you ready??? We are definitely living in uncertain times. I have always felt that much of the Church has fallen asleep and is slowly awakening to the turmoil and birth pains. How many Christians are engaged in eating and drinking and having a false sense of security?? There is a song that I used to listen to (not sure the title) where the lyrics are:

    Are you ready to sit by his throne? Are you ready for someone to take you home?

    Thank you for sharing these simple truths.

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  11. Along with living in a state of readiness, according to His Word, I’m so thankful for our salvation and God’s grace for our lives. I never live in fear of His Coming, but I do pray daily that I’m living in the fullness of His intention for the life He gave me. Being in his Word and living within His will and in obedience to Him is something we can’t take for granted. As you say, he takes following Him in a purposeful way.

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